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I just love Love Actually. Even though I own it, I can't help but watch it when it comes on TV.

Did you ever have this kind of problem?
[portrait of Margaret Thatcher stares back]
'Course you did, you saucy minx.

That's like...my favorite line.
All my posts will now be friends-only. FYI

Oct. 2nd, 2006

Counting down the days until I can go to Idaho. ONE DAY LEFT!!! And i made myself a list of pathetic mundane things to do to keep me from going crazy.

I'm trying to make myself all pretty for Idaho. I'm trying my HARDEST to refrain from biting my nails (which is SO DIFFICULT!!!) and buying some new clothes and stuff. I had a nice chat with my friend Tony last night on MSN and he said really nice things about me so I've got all this self-confidence and stuff. it rawks.

Spent a long time on the computer this evening, ripping some CDs into iTunes and burning some discs for my friend in New Zealand. My STUPID COMPUTER is STUPID. While I was burning the discs, I couldn't freaking TOUCH my computer or it would screw up the burn. It made me so mad. All I did at one point was open up "My Computer" to see how much space I had left, and when I closed the window stupid iTunes stopped burning the disc. I was PO'd. I wonder if it's because I used CD-RW's instead of CD-R's. but I don't know how that should make a difference.

Oh and I finished my STUPID LATCH HOOK. I don't know why I keep doing them. They require no skill whatsoever except a LOT of patience and a strong back. Every time I finish one I vow never to do one again, and then a month later I buy a new kit. And they're like expensive. LAME-O. But seriously. NO MORE. EVAR.

And I fail at inducing lucid dreaming. I just can't do it. My imagination is too strong, it won't let the rational part of me interfere. DANGIT.

Sep. 29th, 2006

WOW. There's this song that is, in my opinion, the most beautiful song in the entire world. It's called "Kneel Before Him" by Chris Thile, the mandolin player of Nickel Creek (and it's got no lyrics, so all you non-Christians can still enjoy it's incredible pure wonderfulness). Anyway, it is so awesome.

And I've been listening to this copy I downloaded from Limewire some time ago, and the end is cut off - so the song was only like 3:51 minutes long. I figured it was only the very end that was cut off so I could deal with it, but then I just looked on iTunes and saw that the song is actually almost a whole minute longer. So I bought it. AND GEEZ. This song is the most beautiful song in the world. GO DOWNLOAD IT.

Also, I realized while looking at some of my past LJ entries that LA Weight Loss, if typed using just its initials, is LAWL. OMG THAT'S FUNNY. LOL. LAWL.

*EDIT* OK, here's the song: http://www.sendspace.com/file/qe54ko It's an mp4, so I hope you can still download it. It's an iTunes format.

*EDIT AGAIN* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I put an apostrophe in the wrong place! I always hate when people do that, and I did it myself. I am humbled. ITS, NOT IT'S. DANG YOU, BECCA. FAIL.

Sep. 27th, 2006

OK, I need your opinions. I'm thinking that I might pass my spare time until I get a job by learning a new language. Sooo, what language should I learn? Obviously it'd be most useful for me to learn Spanish, but I don't really want to do that. Any suggestions? I've already got a background in Latin, so any Romance language would probably be easier, but I'd love to hear any opinions on this.

Well. 12:30. What shall I do for 12 hours?
House tonight was very good. Loved the ending. But wtf. No more new House for a month? I am not pleased.

And when they were showing scenes of upcoming episodes, did anyone else notice House making out with a blonde? I didn't recognize her - it was too short a clip - but hmmm...

K. I have...four more hours until my usual bedtime, and nothing with which to fill that time slot. Darn.

Sep. 21st, 2006

Oh. My. Gosh. Conan O'Brien is AWESOME. I just love it when they do those "inteviews" with snapshots of famous people with a real person's mouth...today was just frickin' hilarious. "Pope Benedict Arnold! I'll get rid of the PopeMobile and get the Pope Hum-V! I'll get rid of the Sissy Chapel!"

And then George W. Bush...
GWB: "They were really rude during my speech. They were all listening to iPods or something."
Conan: "They were listening to translations of your speech!"
GWB: "Translations? I speak English....All those foreign people goin' 'Ahabagada doo, dobba ahabaaba doobum.'" Or something to that effect.

Maybe it's funnier to me, as I lie on the couch upside down with the blood rushing to my head.
Last night, after I watched the memorial, I was trying to think of something:

Did anyone ever watch a kids singalong video, way long ago - I must have been 5 or something, which would make it in the late 1980s - where a bunch of kids are singing along to different songs, and there's a colorful set and I distinctly remember a big kangaroo being part of the club. The show had a lot to do with animals, actually. Anway, that was the first time I'd ever heard the Kookaburra song, which remains ingrained in my memory thanks to that show.

I was wondering if anyone had ever heard of it. I can't remember what it was called, though I think it had something to do with Kangaroo in the title. Or Kangazoo. Or something. :-/
I'm through trying to figure out why this is hitting me so hard. I've never been sadder about anything, and the memorial didn't offer closure at all; it just opened up all the old wounds, brought up all the old questions.

I don't even know how to talk about it.

Another reason I hate being a woman

OK, first of all, I have many Hispanic friends and if you're Hispanic, please don't take offense.

But I am SO DAMN SICK of Hispanic men and their harassment. I just went to the gym, which involves me walking across the street and past a busy car wash (you know, with people who actually wash/wax/detail your car) where a lot of Hispanics work. Walking to the gym, someone whistled at me. I cringed, but ignored him. Big deal. Walking back, I walk next to a big black truck that's always parallel parked along the road, obviously owned by someone who works at that car wash, and as SOON as I get next to the hood, the jackass with the remote lock button locks the car which causes it to honk at me. I turn around stupidly to see what happened before understanding that some idiot was playing a joke on me. THAT made me really mad. So I walked back across the street to the apartment complex, and there's a Ryder truck going the opposite direction, and one of the Hispanics in the car ALSO whistles at me.

WTF. I just HATE THAT!!! I almost felt like I had toilet paper dragging off my shoe, or a boob hanging out, or something, that would cause such catcalls. I seriously want to report those guys at the car wash. I am just SO sick of it. I remember back when I used to walk to high school, there were always a bunch of Hispanics working on the construction of the new access road to the high school, and they would stare and whistle at me EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Really makes me miss Idaho. I ACTUALLY remember specifically noticing how nice it was to be able to walk next to construction sites without being stared or whistled at.

I'm not a racist person. I'm not. I have nothing against any race, really, but when it's OBVIOUS that a certain group of people are responsible for disrespecting and embarrassing me, I get a LITTLE annoyed.